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(*) SuperXLe Basic will be an add-in that excludes the SCADA function from SuperXLe for InTouch. Please skip over the SCADA function and see.

It is an Excel add-in with over 40 generic functions. I also have the function to improve the efficiency of Tag / script editing of SCADA * users (especially Wonderware InTouch, System Platform), so we can easily import the Tag list (CSV file) output from SCADA into Excel Become. Also, output a CSV file that can be input to SCADA. It also supports utilities effective for Tag editing. It is a culmination of add-ins that the author has used for 18 years as a heavy user of Excel in actual work and has improved it. It can be easily installed free of charge and customized by users. Please make use of it by all means.

From Mitsubishi Electric Corporation website

* SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion)

graphically controls the monitoring and control of plants such as development / manufacturing facilities, production lines, various infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, etc) on the screen of PC, tablet, It is a system for industrial automation sites that conducts, collects real-time performance data, provides its management and analysis functions, etc. It is also used for infrastructure such as buildings (electricity, gas, air conditioning, lighting, hygiene, crime prevention, disaster prevention etc.) management.

< Main functions >

< Operating environment >

・ Windows English version Excel 2010/2013/2016 (Excel 2010/64 bit recommended)

・ Please install it as a user with administrator authority.

(However, if it seems that there are many requests for installation / use by general users, we will consider it in the next version.)

It may not work in some environments. Also, since the architecture of Excel 2013 and later has been changed to SDI (Single Document Interface), it may be necessary to switch windows when executing each command.

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Although this add-in is free software, secondary use, part or all alteration is prohibited. Copyright owns the owner of this site. In addition, we are not responsible for any damage caused by this add-in.

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